Welcome to the Center for Regional Change data mapping hub. Here you can find both interactive maps and static maps.


Interactive sites allow users to
  • tailor the geographic focus of our analytical tools,
  • map and download underlying data,
  • print maps,
  • learn about other related online data mapping resources
  • view site tutorials.

Over time these sites will also include examples of how users are making these data matter in their efforts to foster stronger, more equitable communities and regions.

To learn more about young Californian’s well-being, vulnerability to inadequate support for their well-being, and voice in setting policy via voting, please visit Putting Youth on the Map (PYOM) at http://mappingregionalchange.ucdavis.edu/youth/

To see an example of how young people have mapped their own data, go to the “Youth Voices” tab on this site.

The well-being of people depends heavily on their access to opportunity. To learn more about the levels of opportunity experienced by people and offered by places in California’s Central Valley across the areas of education, health, economy, housing, transportation/mobility, and civic life, please visit the Regional Opportunity Index (ROI) at http://mappingregionalchange.ucdavis.edu/roi/.

Plans to expand ROI analyses statewide are in the works.